Are you looking to sell your home?

Are you trying to Sell your Home?   Our agency offers the most unique video walk thru tours in the area.   Imagine having an Open House 24 hours a day except its all happening online with no disruptions in your schedule.  View all our virtual tours on our listing page.

Getting Ready to sell

The first step to getting your home ready to sell is to de-personalize it.  Buying real estate is an emotional decision but as a seller you need to remove any emotion from the equation.  You need to think of it simply as a commodity, real estate.

Make your home anonymous

Put away family photos, collectible items and knick-knacks.  Put them in storage for a few months.  You want to make your home anonymous because you want buyers to look at the house and see it as potentially their home.  This can be difficult because you are attached to the things in your home.  However, to a buyer it may just be clutter.  Take a step back and pretend you are a buyer, or ask a friend to help you find areas of clutter.